Although we are reopening on 17th May, our TAKEAWAY MENU is still available. Why not let us bring to your home the most delicious of Indian's dishes? To book, visit our takeaway page, call us on on 01305 257492 or email

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Here at Rajpoot Restaurant we challenge the notion that Indian cuisine is created using age-old recipes and ideas. In fact we believe that Indian food should constantly evolve and adapt.

We conjure dishes that combine Asian methodology within a European template to produce distinctive layers of flavours giving a unique taste sensation.

Our menu includes only the freshest of ingredients, authentic herbs and spices plus rare and unusual specialities to offer a modern twist on traditional Indian cuisine.

Our highly experienced and attentive waiting team aspire to provide you with a seamless service, ensuring your every need is met.

You can download our dining menu here and our takeaway menu here. PLEASE NOTE: there is free local delivery on all takeaway orders over £20.

Or peruse our dishes below:


mixed platter - a combination of pujabi somosa, grilled chicken tikka, sago tikki and pakoras - £12.55

sea food platter -with salmon tikka, fresh water prawns, crab cake and chilli fried squid - £14.70

garlic chicken - tandoori pieces of chicken breast with garlic and cumin - £5.10

citrusy duck tikka - marinated with indian spices and tamarind relish - £5.95

tandoori chunks of tender lamb with nutmeg and chopped flat leaf parsley - £5.90

crushed mustard seed flavoured tandoori king prawns, with freshly chopped coriander - £6.25

home smoked tandoori salmon in a ginger, garlic and chilli marinade - £5.10

crab and cod cake with spiced yoghurt - £5.25

chilli fried squid tossed in hot, sweet and sour spices - £5.15

beef tikka with crushed fennel and cumin - £6.95

pan fried chicken cake with basil and ginger - £5.10

pakoras - crispy nuggets of onion, potato, split lentil and coriander - £4.15

popadums - a choice of spicy or plain - £0.70 each

assorted pickle tray - £0.70 per person

seasonal garden fresh salad - £4.90

punjabi style salad with lemon dressing - £5.10

main course

tandoori halibut with coconut and ginger sauce, served with garlic spinach and steamed rice - £16.90

mixed seafood curry - prawn, salmon, squid and mussels in a kerala style mustard seed,

curry leaf, chilli and coconut sauce, served with steamed rice punjabi style rarra lamb curry with lamb mince and tomatoes, served with saffron rice - £14.20

portland fresh lobster with seasonal stir-fry vegetables, served with lemon rice - £29.90

kashmiri style lamb shank in fiery hot spices, served with saffron rice - £13.90

tandoori style lamb chops with onion and pepper sauce and mossala mashed potato - £17.55

pan seared beef fillet with cream and black pepper sauce, served with mossala mashed potato - £17.60

chargrilled chicken breast with a mint, green chilli and coriander sauce, served with saffron rice - £14.50

old delhi chicken curry in aromatic spices, fresh cream, honey and tomato, served with saffron rice - £13.50

narangee - spinach and potato stuffed chicken breast with parsle y based morel sauce, served with pulao rice - £13.90

bombay duck - stir-fried duck breast with mixed vegetable and sweet chilli sauce, served with lemon rice - £14.90

pan seared duck breast - in a sweet and sour strawberry sauce, served with mossala mashed potato - £16.55

chargrilled meat and fish platter with tandoori halibut, king prawns, lamb pieces, chicken tikka, crab cakes and lamb chops - £19.50

modhu murgh - cornfed chicken strips simmered in cream of coconut, with honey and ground cashew nuts, served with pulao rice - £14.50

rajastani style lamb leg curry with pulao rice - £13.90

vegetarian selection

stuffed cottage cheese dumpling, with a rich tomato sauce, served with steamed rice - £11.90

garlic and coriander flavoured seasonal local green vegetable curry, served with steamed rice - £10.55

chick peas and baby aubergine curry in punjabi spices, served with steamed rice - £11.55

kidney bean and panner filled potato parcels with asparagus and makhani sauce - £10.95

green peas and sweet corn cake, with lightly seasoned cauliflower and potato crush, served with cucumber raitha and rocket salad - £11.10

traditional curries

badam passanda
cinnamon and cardamom scented smooth curry of brown onions, ground almond and

chargrilled chicken - £9.95   
chargrilled lamb - £11.20

with sautéed onion, julienne peppers, ginger and bursting with fresh green chillies

barbecued chicken - £9.95   
grilled lamb - £11.20   
tiger prawn - £14.55

tikka mossala
delicately spiced in a rich tomato gravy with coconut and cream  

chicken tikka - £10.55   
lamb tikka - £14.20

a medium spiced curry with onion, tomato and coriander
chicken - £9.80   
lamb - £9.95   
king prawn - £13.90

yellow and red split lentils in a balance of sweet, sour and hot flavours

chicken - £9.80
lamb - £9.95   
king prawn - £13.90

rogan josh
a medium hot spicy sauce with roasted cumin, caramelised tomato and pimento

chicken - £9.95
lamb - £10.55
king prawn - £14.20

finished in a rich creamy coconut sauce with ground cashew nuts

chicken - £8.95
lamb - £9.85
king prawn - £13.90

in a fairly hot tomato sauce flavoured with lemon juice, black pepper, sautéed onion and ginger

chicken - £9.25
lamb - £9.95
king prawn - £13.90

a chargrilled brochette of chicken tikka pieces with peppers, onions and tomatoes

chicken - £12.55
lamb - £14.55

pot baked with basmati rice and fresh, pungent spices, served with a vegetable curry

chicken - £11.90
lamb - £12.75
king prawn - £15.70

our meat and poultry are sourced from local suppliers at the highest quality
please note: if there is a dish to your liking which is not listed on our menu, depending on the available ingredients, our chefs will be happy to prepare it for you


darjeling style egg fried rice - £3.55

saffron flavoured basmati rice - £2.90

steamed basmati rice - £2.60

home style lemon rice - £2.90

cumin and cucumber raita - £3.90

vegetable side dishes

garlic spiced spinach - £4.95

stir-fry mushroom - £4.50

jaipur style okra - £4.95

fresh aubergines and spinach - £5.15

mumbai style baby potatoes - £4.90

tardka dall, with a hint of cumin and tossed with garlic - £4.55

mossala mashed potato - £4.95

stir-fried sweet pumpkin, with garlic and coriander - £4.25

motor panner, with cottage cheese and petit peas - £5.10

stir-fried cauliflower, with potatoes - £4.10

bread selection

plain naan - £2.40

cheese and chilli naan - £3.50

peshwari naan, with herbs and coconut - £3.40

vegetable and shallots filled naan - £3.50

minced lamb filled naan - £3.55

garlic and coriander naan - £3.50

laccha daar paratha, oven baked wholemeal layered bread - £4.55

tandoor se roti, charcoal baked wholemeal bread - £2.30

chapatti - £2.10